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I was able to participate in Kathleen's Energy Healing event this week & it was amazing! Her willingness to do what it takes to find the best things for her self & her clients is inspiring. I would highly recommend her!

Jessa LeFleur

10 years ago, I walked into Ms. Liakos’s office as a young student struggling after a series of traumatic events. I didn’t know what to expect as she was the first specialist I had ever seen, but I was nervous none the less, and not too excited to talk about all of the things that were causing me so much pain at the time. I walked in and sat down across from her and after she introduced herself, I felt a weight dropped on my chest as I prepared myself for the list of loaded questions everyone has asked me before. However, Kathy asked me how my day was going and how I was enjoying my first year transitioning into middle school. She didn’t study me while I spoke, and instead of looking down and taking notes while I talked she met my gaze and I could feel that she was truly listening, and more importantly that she cared. My personal success is a testimony to the work of Ms. Liakos, because it would have been far too easy to lose myself in the state that I was in when I walked into her office on that first day. Moving around quite a bit throughout my life has forced me to meet with many new social workers across the country, but I can say with complete honesty that no one compares to Kathy Liakos.

Janice DeStefano

I am eager to recommend Kathleen Liakos as a stellar psychotherapist and counselor in our community. She possesses a keen, educated insight, and practices with compassion and kindness.
All of us stumble in life; Kathleen excels in helping navigate life's problems and trials. I am so grateful to know her.

Marty Vatalaro

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